BeckyWe are in a season of waiting and preparation, but this year for me has a special relevance, Lent is 40 days within a greater period of 12 months of preparation, my engagement.

For the Christian church Lent is a period of preparation before we enter the season of Holy week, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. We give up things in memory of Jesus privations and waiting in the wilderness and we prepare ourselves to welcome the risen Lord.

For the relatives who have been following the news of the Air crash in Europe, this week has been the bitterest wait for news. The families have been preparing themselves for the worst.

For the Diocese of Gloucester the period since last November has been full of waiting for news of our next Bishop.  Even now that we know the name of the next Bishop, there will still be a period of preparation for her arrival.

For the Cathedral, the current period is one of consultation and preparation for the coming Pilgrim project.  The task for the Pilgrim team is to form the shape of the Cathedral and its mission for the next hundred years.

For me, my engagement has been sprinkled with preparations for the coming wedding. It is easy to focus on the right dress, the correct groom’s outfit, the refreshments and all the other accompaniments, but for us the most important part is the next and the lasting part, our married life together.

Rebecca Shorter, Trust and Pastoral Officer


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